Landowner Story:  Coos County Landowner Manages Land for Woodcock...and finds nesting birds!

Landowners in Coos County share exciting results from recent wildlife habitat management work on their property:

"Exciting news from our property! On April 29th I was [releasing yet another apple tree] at the edge of the opening we created two years ago when I was lucky enough to spot a Woodcock which appeared to be sitting on a nest. I was so happy I spotted her as I could have very easily stepped on her she was so well camouflaged. bergum woodcock

Needless to say I abandoned the plan to release the apple tree or work anywhere in that area for that matter. I quickly went back to get my camera and was able to get a few really great photos.

My neighbor has a larger open brushy field where perhaps the aerial display and mating takes place, then perhaps the Woodcock found my nearby edge a good safe nesting spot. Last summer I had seen evidence of what I think was Woodcock foraging but have never seen or heard one on the property until now :)."

May 2012