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4-H Family Fall Festival

This flyer describes Grafton County's 2014 4-H Family Fall Festival event.  This event includes presentations of county awards, gardening program awards, and festival contests.

4-H Young Gardeners Program

4-H Young Gardeners

A Low-Tech Water Garden

Picture yourself sitting in the shade on a hot summer day, lazily sipping iced tea,
listening to the gentle trickle of water into a lovely pond of water lilies—in your very own
garden. Impossible, you say. Just think of all those pumps, filters, liners, running
electricity to the pond, digging the pond, maintaining the pond! Not so, I say. With the
basic equipment of a pool liner and an outside water faucet you can have exactly what I
have described at modest expense.

Autumn Garden Series

Extend and plan for your garden for next season

Community Gardening in New Hampshire-bookmark

Community Gardening Bookmark

Community Gardening in New Hampshire-postcard

Community Gardening in New Hampshire-postcard

Community Gardening in NH: From the Ground Up

Written by UNH Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners.

Creating Dish Gardens

A dish garden is a miniature landscape in an open, shallow container.

Dwarf Apple Trees for Home Gardens

Guide for growing dwarf apple trees at home.

Dwarf Apple Trees for Home Gardens

Dwarf apple trees offer real advantages over standard (also called seedling) apple trees. They require less space in the garden. Their reduced size makes it easier to prune and spray the trees and harvest fruit. In addition, dwarf trees bear fruit earlier than their standard-sized counterparts, often just 3-4 years from planting, as compared with 7-10 years for the average standard tree.

Dwarf Rootstocks for Apple Trees in the Home Garden

What rootstock should the home gardener choose? Here are a few notes on some of the common rootstocks available.

E-Mail Protocol (Master Gardeners)

Protocol policy for Master Gardener volunteers using electronic mail

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