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2015 Statewide Pruning Demonstrations

A listing of the 2015 pruning demos throughout the state.

Bird Damage Prevention for Northern New England Fruit Growers

Birds can become especially serious pests in blueberries and strawberries, but they also cause injury in other small fruit and tree fruit.

Blueberries - Growing High Bush Blueberries

Guide to growing high bush blueberries.

Blueberry Fruit Fly - Using Traps to Monitor

Blueberry fruit fly, Rhagoletis mendax Curran is a native insect that looks almost identical to apple maggot, except that it attacks blueberries, not apples.

Blueberry Varieties for NH Growers

Recommended blueberry varieties for New Hampshire growing

Controlling Deer Damage In New England Orchards
Different methods of controlling deer damage in orchards.
Dwarf Apple Trees for Home Gardens

Guide for growing dwarf apple trees at home.

Five Steps to Food Safe Fruit and Vegetable Home Gardening
This two-page fact sheet highlights five steps home gardeners can take to keep food safe.
Fruit Pruning Demonstrations

Fruit Pruning Demonstrations - Spring 2014

Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop

Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop

Garden to Table: Five Steps to Food Safe Fruit and Vegetable Home Gardening
This longer booklet form of the two-page fact sheet - Five Steps to Food Safe Fruit and Vegetable Home Gardening - provides in-depth food safety information and fruit/vegetable storage charts for the home gardener.
Gooseberries and Currants

I'd like to grow gooseberries and currants to make jam. Are these plants well-suited for growth in New Hampshire?

Grapes in the Home Garden

Guide to growing grapes at home in NH.

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