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Growing Simple Mini Gardens for Kids

Published Jun 26, 2017
by Claes Thelemarck, Field Specialist, Youth & Family While most serious gardeners have their plants in the ground, it’s not too late to start a mini-garden with your kids. Small container gardens are a fun project, that with a little attention can bring great rewards, and like any good project, it’s best to jump right in. More

Dairy, Livestock and Forage Crops Newsletter

Published Jun 23, 2017
Written specifically for residents of New Hampshire, the Dairy, Livestock and Forage News is an email newsletter that goes out quarterly with information relevant to people in the dairy, livestock and forage business. More

Community Development Wins Award for Teamwork

Published Jun 23, 2017
Recipients of awards from the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals. From left: Allison Nichols and Daniel Eades, West Virginia University Extension Service; Laura Brown, University of Connecticut Extension; Lisa Chase, University of Vermont Extension; Casey Hancock, Univeristy of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension. More

Testing the Waters, One Cardboard Boat at a Time

Published Jun 22, 2017
by Mhairi Baird, UNH Extension Summer Intern When you think wet cardboard what comes to mind? Soggy and maybe even smelly? For these reasons people normally avoid getting cardboard wet. More

New Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association Annual Summer Outing, June 24

Published Jun 22, 2017
The New Hampshire Beekeepers’ Association (NHBA) Annual Summer Outing is Saturday, June 24, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Musterfield Farms on Harvey Road, in North Sutton, New Hampshire. This educational event is for NHBA members. Information about NHBA is at More

4-H Club Celebrates 75 Years in New Hampshire

Published Jun 16, 2017
To learn more about the 75th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday June 24, please click here. More

Forest Pest Control Supervisory Certification Updates and Training

Published Jun 14, 2017
By Dode Gladders, UNH Cooperative Extension Sullivan County Forester More

Tips for Pick-Your-Own Adventures

Published Jun 12, 2017
By Heather Bryant, Regional Field Specialist, Food and Agriculture More

Utilizing uNDF in Dairy Cow Diets

Published Jun 8, 2017
by Pete Erickson, PhD What is NDF? More


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