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Mapping Out a Partnership to Clean Great Bay

Published Aug 17, 2017
When the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership (PREP) first heard about the tires, barrels, and other trash along Great Bay’s shoreline in the fall of 2015, they knew clean-up efforts would take time — and lots of collaboration.  “It seemed like a perfect fit for us — we do a lot of convening of partners,” says Abigail Lyon, PREP’s technical assistance program manager. More

Building Buzz for Wildflower Meadows

Published Aug 16, 2017
There's a lot of buzz about pollination, the transfer of pollen between flowers that's key to plant growth and reproduction. More

Adding Goals to a Herd of Goats

Published Aug 10, 2017
“Goats are addictive.” That’s the way Andrea Rhodes describes how her family’s small farm in Lebanon, NH grew from a couple of goats and horses into the bustling goat dairy farm it is today. More

Jared Reynolds New Community and Economic Development Field Specialist for Merrimack County

Published Aug 9, 2017
Jared Reynolds joins the Community and Economic Development Team August 21. Reynolds will focus his efforts on building the capacity of community and regional leaders to implement effective strategies, grow and sustain the economy, and strengthen communities. More

Good Seed Year for White Pine Trees

Published Aug 8, 2017
 Good seed year for white pine trees More

Let’s Celebrate and Give Thanks

Published Aug 4, 2017
by Geoffrey Sewake, Field Specialist, Community & Economic Development       More

Family Adventure Night Will HelpYou Celebrate Summer One More Time

Published Jul 31, 2017
Before heading back to school, join 4-H for a night of outdoor adventures at Candia Springs Adventure Park! We're taking over the park on Thursday, August 17 from 5-8 pm for a fun-filled family night to include field games, floating obstacle courses, zip lining, water slides and dinner for all that register.  More
Glen Putnam

Providing Backup in the Field to Veterans in Agriculture

Published Jul 28, 2017
“We needed to do something in New Hampshire,” Steve Turaj says, explaining the simple start to the New Hampshire Farm Bureau’s Veterans in Agriculture Committee. More

Top Food Preservation Questions

Published Jul 26, 2017
One of the first workshops I presented for UNH Cooperative Extension was on home food preservation in 1988. Since that time, I have answered hundreds of questions on home food preservation and presented many workshops. The following are some of the top questions asked and the answers. More
Serviceberry and Cedar Waxwing

A Walk in the Woods – Looking for Serviceberry

Published Jul 24, 2017
By Jim Frohn, Grafton County Forester, UNH Cooperative Extension I recently visited a property to look at an exceptionally large specimen of serviceberry. This plant normally is a shrub or small tree, generally not getting much larger than four or five inches in diameter. This one had reached medium size tree status.  More


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