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An Idea that Might Make You Rethink Your Landscape

Published Mar 14, 2017
By Jeremy DeLisle, UNH Cooperative Extension Education Center Program Coordinator Foodscaping, or edible landscaping, is the integration of food-producing plants and ornamentals in your yard. It is a practical and innovative way for you to grow more food, use space efficiently and create colorful and interesting landscape designs. More

Great Perennial Plants for Season-Long Interest

Published Mar 7, 2017
Great Perennial Plants for Continuous Bloom and Season-Long Interest By Emily Lannan, UNH Cooperative Extension Volunteer and Landscape Designer Q: What are your suggestions for useful perennials in our hardiness zone (5)? More

Tips to Grow Great Seedlings at Home

Published Feb 24, 2017
By Jeremy DeLisle, UNH Cooperative Extension Education Center Coordinator, with contributions from Tom Kamberis, New Hampshire Master Gardener Q: I’d like to grow some of my own transplants for the garden this year. Can you provide some tips that will help get me started on the right track? — Richard, Gilmanton A: When planning to germinate your own vegetable, fruit, or flower seeds, three major factors should be considered first and foremost: soil moisture, temperature, and light.   More

Learn to Grow Organic Gardening Series

Published Feb 6, 2017
By Jeremy DeLisle, UNH Cooperative Extension Education Center Program Coordinator Successful gardeners know that February and March are prime time for planning, ordering supplies, and learning new tricks that will make their gardening efforts pay this season.  This is why the UNH Cooperative Extension Education Center has organized a series of workshops providing essential gardening knowledge that will take your gardens to a whole new level this year.  More

Invasive Species Control - Japanese Knotweed

Published Jan 30, 2017
By Diane Hall, Master Gardener, Photo Credit Rob Routledge, Sault College, More

Tips for Great Gardens in the New Year

Published Jan 13, 2017
By Jeremy DeLisle, Education Center Coordinator Seed catalogs are now showing up in mailboxes in full force, assuring us that spring is not too far away. Here at the Education Center and Info Line, we are already getting calls daily from gardeners seeking advice on strategies to have their best gardens yet. Let’s take a look at a few suggestions for success in the coming season.  More

Winter Houseplant Care

Published Dec 21, 2016
By Jeremy DeLisle, UNH Cooperative Extension Education Center Program Coordinator Q:  Can you give me a few tips on how to care for my houseplants over the winter? - Paula G -Winchester, NH A:  Having plants in the house can go a long ways towards improving your indoor environment over the winter.  Watching plants grow and bloom indoors while the snow flies outside reminds us that spring will eventually come again. More

Great Gardening Gift Ideas

Published Dec 5, 2016
Must-Have Gifts for the Gardener on Your List Written by Merrimack County Master Gardeners and reformatted by Jeremy DeLisle, UNH Cooperative Extension Education Center Coordinator  Q: Now that I’ve recovered from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I’m looking to finish up holiday shopping for the gardener in my family. Are there tools you could suggest that every gardener should own?  K. Kringle, Bethlehem, NH More

Holiday Potluck Food Safety Tips

Published Nov 22, 2016
Holiday Buffet Safety Tips By Jeremy DeLisle, UNH Education Center Program Coordinator Q:  Every Thanksgiving, my family gathers for a big potluck buffet – and food sometimes stays out for hours. How can I make sure the food is handled properly and stays safe to eat?  Frank S – Bow, NH More

A Good Year for Acorns

Published Nov 18, 2016
By Jeremy DeLisle, UNH Cooperative Extension Education Center Coordinator Q. I’ve noticed that there are lots of acorns this year. Why is that? Peter B – Antrim, NH More


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