Extension Educator Council

Welcome to the homepage of the Extension Educator Council Blog. The Extension Educator Council (EEC) represents UNH Cooperative Extension Educators and their issues to the University administration. One of the goals for the current EEC is to better communicate with Extension Educators regarding issues that affect them as UNH employees. We have developed this page to give Educators and Specialists information on current EEC agenda items, easy access to minutes, and personnel issues.

Your Council

  • Current EEC Members as of July 1, 2016 by program area (term expiration):

Natural Resources

    • Field Specialist  - Emma Tutein (2019) Vice Chair
    • State Specialist - Gabby Bradt (2019)

 Youth and Family

    • Field Specialist - Heidi Barker (2018) Secretary
    • Field Specialist -
    • State Specialist - Charlotte Cross (2017) Chair

Food and Agriculture

    • Field Specialist - Amy Papineau
    • Field Specialist - Olivia Saunders (2018)
    • State Specialist - Cheryl Smith (2018)

 Community and Economic Development

    • Field specialist - Brendan Prusik (2017)

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