Workshop: Mobile Mapping for GIS Data Collection

Workshop:  Mobile Mapping for GIS Data Collection

Learn how to get a group of people (or just yourself) using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) to collect GIS data in the field, complete with drop-down menus and online syncing! This class will cover the use of two mobile data collection apps - Survey123 and Collector - to plan and carry out field data collection projects using Esri's ArcGIS Online platform. The workshop will begin by covering the basics of mobile data collection and will progress into the setup and hands-on use of both apps. Each participant will learn how to configure each app for field data collection, and then use the apps to collect data in the field. The workshop will end with a discussion of strategies regarding how these apps could be used to conduct mapping projects.


Participants will learn to:

use a mobile device to collect map data using forms (drop-down menus, data fields, etc.) | create custom data collection forms for mapping projects | configure and manage online storage of data collected by multiple people using mobile devices


Software used: 

Collector for ArcGIS  |  Survey 123 for ArcGIS  |  ArcGIS Online



Length 1:00pm - 4:00pm  |  Cost $59  |  Schedule dates and locations for this workshop
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