Master Gardener Speakers Bureau

If you are an active Master Gardener and you're interested in becoming a member of our MG Speakers Bureau , please complete the form below. We will contact you soon.


Master Gardener speakers have knowledge and education related to a particular subject. The MG Speakers Bureau lets the public know that these speakers are available to talk to different groups, and speaking engagements can be scheduled by contacting UNH Cooperative Extension.

New Hampshire Master Gardeners are available to speak to garden clubs, civic organizations, schools, library associations, senior citizens organizations, lower and upper school classes, youth groups and other groups on a wide variety of topics from the world of gardening, horticulture, landscaping and the environment.  Speakers choose the topics in which they feel proficient and offer slide or PowerPoint programs to illustrate their talk.  The Speakers’ Bureau also offers a limited number of demonstrations and hands-on workshops.


There are a variety of reasons to use a Speakers Bureau in Cooperative Extension:

  • Raising public awareness about issues. Many issues can be confusing, scary, or unclear to people. For example, speakers bureaus can be very effective in educating the public about bed bugs because learning about prevention and myths can be reassuring.
  • Increasing Extension’s visibility. Speakers bureaus can reach large numbers of people.
  • Increasing public understand of Cooperative Extension. A speakers bureau can help clear up misconceptions and educate people about our purpose, services, and activities
  • Recruiting new members or volunteers. Speaking to groups that include potential members or volunteers is a good way to spark their interest in getting involved with Extension’s efforts.
  • Attracting press coverage. The local media are often looking for public interest or feature story topics, and your speakers bureau might make a great subject for a report. The idea can be made especially appealing to the press if one of your speaking engagements coincides with a current event that is in the news.
  • Raising funds: You can have your speakers give out information about membership drives or upcoming benefit events, or simply describe how people can contribute to the organization. Some organizations even charge a fee for speaking engagements.