Cheshire County Advisory Council Meetings

The UNH Cooperative Extension County Advisory Council is the vital link between the UNH Cooperative Extension and the local county and communities. Advisory Councils assist with the identification of the educational needs of county residents and relate them to how UNH Cooperative Extension can meet those needs.
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Cheshire County Advisory Council Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - 6:00 pm. Meeting via zoom - If you would like more information or want to join this meeting, please email

Prior Meeting Minutes

Cheshire County UNH Cooperative Extension is seeking nominations from interested citizens who live or work in Cheshire County to be members of our County Advisory Council.  The council includes 12 citizens, and a representative of the County Commissioners and County Delegation. These advisors assist Extension program staff to evaluate current programming, identify local educational and research needs, and to consider new programming across the county.

Nominees will ideally have a good knowledge of local community and county issues, and enjoy the opportunity to offer advice on methods of program delivery and implementation. They may or may not be familiar with Extension's programs, but would value an opportunity to learn about our work in Food & Agriculture, Community & Economic Development, Youth & Family, and Natural Resources.

Council members serve for two-year terms, and meet a minimum of six times a year.

For more information contact Carl Majewski, Cheshire County Office Administrator at or (603) 352-4550.