Merrimack County Woods Keep Our Water Clean

The Merrimack River Watershed had been identified as one the most endangered watersheds in the nation due to projected forestland loss in the coming decades according to U.S. Forest Service study. In response to the study, UNH Cooperative Extension has teamed up with the Merrimack River Watershed Council and the NH Division of Forests and Lands to protect the waters of the Merrimack River by helping homeowners, landowners and communities care for the land along the tributaries of the Merrimack River. UNH Cooperative Extension is also teaming up with local Land Trusts to identify and conserve lands with critical riparian functions.  

Through a project funded by the US Forest Service and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the team is educating citizens about the impact their land management practices have on the waters and ecosystems in and around the Merrimack River and are providing education and technical assistance to help landowners and land managers implement practices that benefit the land.  

The Merrimack River watershed’s Concord Tributaries cover 42,350 acres and are home to 37 endangered or threatened plant and animal species. The area includes several important natural communities such as the Silver Maple floodplain forest.  Landowners and Land managers are encouraged to contact Merrimack County’s Extension Forester, Tim Fleury, with questions about how to best use their land to help keep our waters clean at (603-796-2151).