Welcome Kendra Lewis

Kendra Lewis, PhD – State Specialist and AoE Chair, Pettee Hall, UNH Campus, will help Extension work with our partners to help meet the behavioral health needs of youth and families in NH.
Kendra Lewis

Kendra comes to us from the University of California a where she was the Academic Evaluation Coordinator for 4-H Youth Development. She has a background in Human and Family Development, a proficiency in program evaluation, and a passion for social emotional learning. When asked about coming Kendra replied, “I am excited to join this team and continue the incredible work they have done. I look forward to doing my part to improve the lives of youth and families in New Hampshire." I am incredibly excited to have her take her next career step with us as the leader of her team and as a key piece to the complex puzzle of leveraging our Land Grant resources to help the state with some critical needs.