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Why STEM Docents?

New Hampshire currently has an insufficiently trained STEM workforce, and as a result it is becoming increasingly difficult for NH businesses to find and hire people with the skills they need (NH Charitable Foundation, 2014). Youth need high-quality learning opportunities to engage in STEM fields in ways that both motivate and inspire them to pursue STEM career options. Furthermore, many everyday decisions are informed by one’s ability to use critical thinking skills and analyze situations using evidence making STEM literacy imperative for all individuals (Feinstein, Allen, and Jenkins, 2013). STEM Docents address these needs by helping students engage in high-quality STEM programs.  


What ages are appropriate for the program?

Current STEM Docent curriculum is appropriate for youth ages 8-18 and in grades 3rd-12th. 


Where is the program being offered?

Programs will be held at your facility. The 2017 - 2018 pilot year is focusing on the Manchester area but will be expanded to include a broader geographic range in subsequent years. 


What is included in a program?

When you request a STEM Docent you will be contacted by the STEM Docent coordinator to discuss the available modules and the requirements of your program.  You will then be assigned a Docent trained to incorporate content and pedagogy. The Docent will come to your classroom to facilitate the program which includes approximately 6-8 hours of teaching time and is organized in one hour lessons. All materials needed for each lesson will be provided by UNH Cooperative Extension. You will work directly with that Docent to set up a schedule that meets your program’s needs. All Docents have gone through a rigorous application and interview process and have received background checks.  

 What is the cost?

Hosting sites are responsible for a $260 materials fee for each full module ( 6 - 8 teaching hours). 

Steps to request a Docent

To request a STEM Docent program in your facility please contact the STEM Docent Coordinator, Megan Glenn, at: 603-641-4391 or email


Megan Glenn
STEM Docent Program Manager
Extension Program Mgr
Phone: (603) 641-4391
Office: Cooperative Extension, 88 Commercial Street, RM 332, Manchester, NH 03101