Summertime Solutions for Educators

Inspire, Teach and Engage Youth with STEM Docent Curriculum Modules

Are you an educator on Summer break? Are you thinking about new ways to incorporate STEM education into your classroom?

Okay, maybe it isn't the first thing on your mind after wrapping up the school year. But if it comes up, we have some great opportunities to get a leg up on lesson planning this summer. These programs are grounded in immersive training and include materials to deliver inquiry-based, NGSS aligned curriculum modules. Start the school year with some new tools and register for one of our trainings today.

“Training us in the actual lessons demonstrated what the kids would feel. They let us fumble through the work ourselves until: tada! Understanding! Loved that about the classes!"

Upcoming educator trainings:

Creative Computing Challenge: Computer Science

This module focuses on teaching youth computer coding techniques through engaging them in mobile application development. Training on July 25th!

Stream Safari: Life Science, Earth and Space Science, & NGSS Science Practices:

Stream Safari encourages youth to explore local stream environments through examining the invertebrates inhabiting stream systems and how these creatures interact with other biotic and abiotic factors. Sign up for our newsletter for Stream Safari training announcements.

Mousetrap Powered Cars:

These modules introduce youth to the engineering design process while exploring materials and physics principles to build a working model car powered by a mousetrap. A second track emphasizes planning and conducting investigations of car design, performance and materials. Training on August 9!

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Jill Ketchen
Former Marketing & Communication Assistant Producer