4-H Animal Science Bonanza

Workshop at Animal Science Bonanza

4-H Animal Science Bonanza took place on January 12, 2019 at the Walpole NH Elementary School. Over one hundred 4-H members and volunteers from six different counties in New Hampshire, along with 4-H members from Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island took part in this daylong event.

4-H members who have an interest in Beef, Sheep, Goat, Dairy, and Horse had the opportunity to participate in quiz bowls, skillathons, and attend workshops. Dr. Andrew Conroy, UNH Professor, did a presentation on Reproduction and Artificial Insemination, and was assisted by Hannah Majewski, a current UNH student and President of the UNH Dairy Club.  Dr. Peter Erickson, UNH Professor, presented on Feeding your 4-H Animal. Dr. Roger Osinchuck from Crossborder Equine gave a presentation on Veterinary Topics for the Horse Owner. Amelia Aznive, Veterinary Technician, NH Dept. of Agriculture did a presentation on Biosecurity. Carl Majewski, UNH Agricultural Field Specialist, talked about Hay Evaluation and Sharon Wilsie, Equine Professional and author, gave her presentation on Horses Are Talking.

UNH Extension professional Jolee Chase did the Dairy, Beef, Sheep, and Goat Skillathon assisted by 4-H Leaders: Kim Hudson, Sandy Rathke and Hannah Majewski.  Lauren Bressett retired UNH Extension educator presented on Horse Hippology, Judging, and Quiz Bowl. New Hampshire 4-H Volunteers did several presentations. Mike Wright presented on Feeding your Show Goat or Lamb for Auction, Julia Chute presented on Sheep Judging and Glen McNeil presented on Dairy Judging.

A committee of key volunteers and youth from Cheshire County organized Animal Science Bonanza. Andrea Chickering Sawyer, UNH Extension Field Specialist from Cheshire County, assisted them.

Youth Learn Animal Husbandry Skills At Bonanza [Keene Sentinel]

This event is open to everyone who wants to learn about animals, whether they're in 4-H or not.  Many attendees come back year after year to learn about animal husbandry through a series of workshops.


Andrea Sawyer
4-H Animal Science Specialist, Emeritus
Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824