Forestry Webinar Series

SAF Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for these webinars.

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Forest Health Webinar Series

This webinar series was designed to give you a modern look at the most damaging forest pests and pathogens causing harm to our NH landscape today. Weekly presentations by specialists working in the field provided updates and suggestions for control and management of these forest pests. SAF Category 1 - 1.0 CFE credits are available for each webinar.

Forest Carbon Webinar Series

This webinar series focuses on forest carbon dynamics and carbon markets. It provides an overview of the dynamics of forest carbon sequestration and storage and how forest management affects these processes. It also discusses how carbon markets functions, their accounting and the methodology for calculating credits. We present a brief overview of general principles of managing for wildlife habitat and forest carbon. The series concludes with the anatomy of carbon offset projects, how deals are structured and the process for bringing projects to the market. SAF Category 1 - 1.0 CFE credits are available for each webinar.

Modelling Rehabilitative Silviculture

New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station’s post-doctoral researcher Dr. Jessica Charpentier and research assistant professor of forest management Dr. John Gunn discussed the results of recent research. The research uses the US Forest Service’s Forest Vegetation Simulator to evaluate the potential response of forest stands to rehabilitative silvicultural prescriptions in terms of outcomes such as total value, the ratio of sawlog to low-grade volume, tons of carbon stored, and habitat suitability for several songbird species. The work was supported by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s New England Forest and Rivers Fund, UNH Cooperative Extension, and the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station. SAF Category 1 - 1.5 CFE credits are available.


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