Want To Plan 4-H Teen Conference?

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What is Teen Conference?

New Hampshire 4-H Teen Conference is an experience for teens aged 14+ every June at the University of New Hampshire, Durham campus.  All participants stay in the dorms and experience a multitude of different leadership development opportunities that range from a day of service learning, to field trips around the seacoast, to a full day of hands-on workshops.  We also have social events like County Night Out, dances, a lovely banquet and more!  

What is Teen Conference Commission?

Teen Conference is planned in youth-adult partnership by a group of 4-H teens from around the state called the Teen Conference Commission and we are opening up the opportunity to any teen that is 14+.  Most of the team is made up by each county's Communications Chair, who is a member of the Youth Leadership Team, but not all counties have someone interested in being a Communications Chair, so the remaining spots are open!  These spots would only serve as Teen Conference Commission teens, would not be serving on the Youth Leadership Team, and could come from any county.

Interested teens will need to submit their interest by Friday, August 6th and be available to interview the following week:

1. Write a one page double-spaced essay on what Teen Conference means to them, and why they would like to serve

2. Have their Program Manager and parental/guardian support

3. They will be interviewed by a panel make up of myself, Ian Gove as Teen Conference Commission Advisor, and Andie Majewski as a past TCC member

All interested teens please submit your essay to Kristen.Landau@unh.edu 

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Kristen Landau
State 4-H Teen Leadership Program Manager
Asst Field Specialist
Phone: 617-875-3125
Office: UNH Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824