4-H Youth Leadership Retreat

4-H Youth Leadership Team Retreat

October 16-17, 2021

Boston University Sargent Center

Jam packed with opportunity to connect with others and “Take Your Shot” at teen leadership, the Youth Leadership Team Retreat is an opportunity for each county's teen leadership representatives to come together with their advisors and peers from around the state to learn, reflect, and build as a team throughout the weekend.  Workshops will be led by Extension youth development professionals and volunteers for the teen leaders and advisors in mirroring programs to invite the opportunity to share eureka moments during reflection times.    

COST: $75 



YLT Retreat COVID Precautions and Protocols

A Sneak Peak into the Retreat 

Saturday - October 16 

Building Trust in a Team: Ian Gove, the Teen Conference Commission Advisor, will excite the group with a dynamic and hands on presentation about how to build trust in a team, how to communicate your needs effectively to your peers and adult mentors, and what it means to establish trust outside your circle.  

Alum 4-H Youth Panel: Several past 4-Hers that are now in college around New England will be panelist on a facilitated conversation on what their youth-adult partnership growing pains and successes were as active 4-H youth.   

Service Learning Launch: Sam Drake, SYLT Communications Chair and Kristen Landau, State Teen Program Manager will present our service learning initiative for 2021-2022.  This launch will allow the group to learn what the initiative is, practice some hands on skills, and set off for a Photo Scavenger Hunt throughout the grounds.   

Opportunities for 2022: Kristen Landau, State 4-H Teen Leadership Program Manager will present an overview of the year for teen leadership in the state.   

County Action Planning: Each county team will have the opportunity to start to sketch out their 2021-2022 program year.  During this time they will also come up with a skit/cheer/dance to represent their county, silly, serious or something inbetween, to perform so that other counties get a little taste of what the state brings to the table! 

Candlelight Reflection: After a day of collaboration, making friends, and planning we will close out the learning with a candlelight reflection.  It is a time to really think about you and your day, but also share with your peers if you feel called to. 

Outdoor Dance, bonfire and Pumpkin Trebuchet Build: Under the lights our 4-Hers will have social time to just hang.  We will have an outdoor dance, DJed by SYLT member Connor who has a DJ side gig, a blazing bonfire to hang and roast marshmellows, and the tools and materials to build three large trebuchets to chuck pumpkins into the night!   

Sunday - October 17 

Sunrise Hike: Bridget Drake, 4-H Volunteer and past Sargent Center Counselor, will lead a sunrise hike around the pond for those who want to join. 

 Being Part of a Team: Dan Holdridge, State Youth Leadership Team Advisor, will lead the groups in team building activities and conversations to make their best better.

Stress Management: Kristen Landau, State 4-H Teen Leadership Program Manager will bring the group through a Mindfulness Matters workshop geared at stress management. 

County Action Planning Part 2: Each county team will meet again to continue their work from the previous day, solidifying their first action steps for the year. 

Reflection: The group will be led in a final reflection and energizer for the year! 

You will be getting an update from the state office via email

All elected County YLT Officers are required to attend





Kristen Landau
State 4-H Teen Leadership Program Manager
Extension Program Mgr
Phone: 617-875-3125
Office: UNH Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824