School is out, but a Summer of Self-Care is just beginning with our 4-H Summer Wellness Kits!

Receive supplies for over 10 different mindfulness-based activities to complete at home.

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After another long school year, you deserve some rest and relaxation! With our 4-H Summer Wellness Kits, participants will receive supplies for over 10 different mindfulness-based activities to complete at home!

Through a generous grant from the New Hampshire 4-H Foundation, we’re able to provide these kits for FREE to the first 100 registrants!

First, what is mindfulness?

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and the founding Co-Director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center, Daniel Siegel, discusses the many ways in which mindfulness-based activities can rewire the brain to help control functions like emotional regulation, empathy, and morality. Meaning, those who engage in mindfulness-based activities report having an increased awareness and understanding of their emotions as well as how their emotions impact their physical wellness and behavior towards self and others.

Additionally, it’s important to know that Mindfulness is not a religion, but a practice that can be incorporated into daily activities by engaging your senses and actively focusing on the present moment without judgment. For those new to mindful practices, the 4-H Mindful Me Curriculum provides the following foundational information:

Mindfulness is:

  1. Noticing/Awareness: Being aware of yourself and what is around you; exploring the world with all your senses.
  2. Openness/Curiosity: Being open to new experiences.
  3. Non-Judgment: Experiencing life without thinking about it being good or bad.
  4. Acceptance: Being content with the present moment.

Examples of Mindful Practices:

  • Body Scans: Requires individuals to focus their attention on different parts of their body to note how they feel.
  • Breathing techniques: Monitoring your breathing as way to connect with your mind and body.
  • Walking Meditation: Taking slow, thoughtful steps can be part of connecting with your environment and focusing on the present moment.

Your 4-H Summer Wellness Kit

Here's a sneak peak of some of the activities included in your 4-H Summer Wellness Kit:

  • Bubble Breath: To practice mindful breathing techniques as well as focus and observational skills, participants will receive bubbles, and instructions to make them a mindful experience!
  • Babble Journal: Each kit will contain a writing utensil and journal, so participants can “babble” their thoughts and emotions, free of judgement, responding to questions like “How did that experience make you feel?”  
  • Self-Affirmation Cards: Participants will receive self-affirmation cards filled with positive words and phrases they can use to promote a daily healthy mindset. They’ll also be encouraged to come up with their own words of affirmation!
  • And much more!

Cost: Free!

A grant through the New Hampshire 4-H Foundation has allowed us to provide 100 kits at no cost to the first 100 participants (limit of 1 kit/per household).


Open to youth ages 8 and older. Register by June 20th through 4-H Online. (Registration is also open to non-4-H members - see help guides below.) If all 100 kits are claimed before June 20th, registration will be closed sooner. Kits will be mailed at the end of June and expected to arrive the first week in July.

If you are a teen interested in exploring mindfulness, you may want to check out our 4-H Mindfulness Retreat to be held August 20, 2022 in Durham, NH!

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