UNH's Emily Buehne ’25 has some great ideas to foster a love of libraries and of UNH across the Granite State

  • UNH Intern at the Durham Library


UNH Extension is famous for delivering trusted research from the state’s flagship university to the public. New Hampshire public libraries are well-known pillars of the community, providing access to a wealth of resources and information.  Separately they are helpful, but together they would be invaluable.

It is this potential synergy, and a generous start-up gift from a donor, that launched a new partnership this year called Check Out UNH

This partnership strives to improve coordination between the two institutions through a variety of methods, including interactive kiosks featuring library and university resources, hands-on "Exploration Kits" that anyone can check out on a variety of Granite State topics and public programs from University researchers.    

A summer coordinator with a passion for libraries

UNH student Emily Buehne ’25, is serving as the coordinator for Check Out UNH through Extension's summer internship program. She is talking with librarians throughout the state to learn about their needs and working with campus educators , faculty and students to support librarians just as they support Granite Staters.   

“I am thrilled for this opportunity to work with libraries to expand resources and increase engagement, helping with everything from organizing demonstrations and distributing kits to supporting children’s summer reading programs,” says Buehne. 

Summer intern reading a book

The rising sophomore is studying English and philosophy; books have always been a constant in her life.  

“For as long as I can remember, I have loved the library. When I was young, my mom read to me every night — I was friends with a big red dog named Clifford and roamed where the “wild things were.” I thought alongside Pooh Bear and ate with a very hungry caterpillar. As I grew, so did my love for reading, and we quickly ran out of books.” 

And so Buehne turned to the library, where she found unlimited learning opportunities. 

“Libraries made me who I am, and I have always believed them to be indispensable community assets. In a nation struggling with inequality and apathy, and in a democracy grappling with false information and hate, libraries stand quiet and strong. In between kind ‘shushes’ and worn bindings, they are places to foster understanding and learn tools to help the world around us.” 


Check Out UNH Public Library Partnership


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