Eastern States Exposition Qualifying Information for NH 4-H Working Steer


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    New Hampshire will have two qualifying shows for 4-H Working Steer project members wishing to qualify for the show at Eastern States Exposition. A member must participate in a minimum of one qualifying show to be eligible for ESE but may participate in both if desired.

    The top eight (8) scoring youth will be offered the opportunity to represent New Hampshire at the ESE Youth Working Steer Show. There will be one additional member serving as an alternate on the team. This team member will be given the option to go to ESE with the team, without cattle as the team assistant if they choose to do so.

    To be eligible:

    • 4-H Exhibitor must be 12 years old or older (by January 1 of current year). Novice teamsters, (regardless of age), are not eligible for Eastern States.
    • Must have submitted Intent to Show by the May 1st deadline.
    • Junior/Intermediate members (12-13 y/o) must have successfully pulled 60% of their team’s weight (including the weight of the stone boat)
    • Senior members (14+ y/o) must have successfully pulled 70% of their team’s weight (including the weight of the stone boat)
    • An individual must complete the course as laid out by the judge in the time allotted to be considered a successful pull.

    Members must bring to each show health papers and appropriate documentation of 4-H project animals (see instructions for Submitting “Intent to Show” through 4hOnline) which have been approved on or before May 1st of the current year for their 4-H project animals.  Each project animal must be permanently identified by ear tag or legible tattoo that agrees with the identification listed on the Intent to Show and  health papers. Note: all cattle entering Eastern States Fairgrounds must be identified with a 15-digit AIN RFID tag. Identification will be checked the morning of each qualifying show.

    2022 Qualifying Shows:

    Stratham 4-H Summerfest

    Cheshire Fair http://www.cheshirefair.org/ (Working steers may also exhibit with Youth Pull and Open Show.  Please refer to Cheshire Fair website for more details.)

    • Show Date: August 7, 2022
    • Entry Deadline: July 5, 2022
    • Send Entries To:  Cheshire Fair (247 Monadnock Highway, Swanzey, NH 03446)

    NOTE: Entry forms and fair books may be downloaded from each fair website.

    1. In case of a tie in scores, the teamster earning the highest number of first, second, or third blues will be selected. If still tied, the oldest teamster will be selected.
    2. Members who qualify for ESE participation, but cannot attend, must notify Dana Fisher at least 48 hours prior to the start of ESE. This time period is necessary so that alternates can be notified and given time to prepare.
    3. Members who will be participating at ESE must attend an orientation meeting. There will be a brief meeting for all team members following the announcement of the NH Youth Working Steer Team at the Cheshire Fair to complete ESE entry forms.  Orientation meeting, location and date will be set at that time.  Both of these meetings are required for ESE participants.

    If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the State Team Leaders for 2022:


    State 4-H Animal Science Program Manager
    Associate Field Specialist
    Phone: (603) 862-2188
    Office: Cooperative Extension, Kendall Hall Rm 403, Durham, NH 03824