4-H Intent to Show

Intent to Show has changed for many 4-H animal projects this year.

NH 4-H Animal Enrollment/Intent to Show changes for 2019 make the process easier for many exhibitors.  Animals that are registered solely in the member's name with a breed registry do not require Intent to Show forms.  Working Steer,Equines, Poultry and Rabbits do not require Intent to Show  for county or state 4-H shows.  To qualify for the Big E, they require registration or Intent to Show before the Big E deadline. The Dog Intent to Show deadline has changed to June 1st. For production animals such as beef, dairy cattle, sheep, goats (all types), and swine Intent to Show form is not required if the animal is registered with a breed registry solely in the member's name on or before the deadline.  Check the summary of all animal requirements and deadlines and the 4-H Animal Forms and Resources web page for all the information, direction and forms you will need.

Why are we making these changes?

  • The Intent to Show process has become cumbersome and redundant for many animals.
  • In most cases, it is appropriate for a 4-H’er to show a replacement animal, however, the prior system did not allow this.
  • Fewer 4-H’ers own animals, but many have access to animals they can care for, work with and show, reaping the benefit of the 4-H animal project experience. 
  • 4-H Intent to Show/Animal approval has become a barrier to participation for some members.  Our aim is to remove as many barriers as possible.
  • Other mechanisms may be used to document that a youth is working with an animal(s).  In the event that this is not possible, 4-H Intent to Show/4HOnline Animal Enrollment is still available

4-H Intent to Show/4HOnline Animal Enrollment is not (and never has been):

  • Entry into any show or fair
  • Documentation that an animal is suitable for the member. Members are encouraged to discuss suitability with 4-H leaders familiar with the member/animal and knowledgeable in the project area.
  • Documentation that the 4-H’er has been working with or caring for the animal(s)
  • Documentation of the health or vaccination status of animal(s)
  • Proof of animal borrowing (formerly lease) (there is a separate form that should be used for borrowed animals)

4-H Intent to Show/4HOnline Animal Enrollment is:

  • One way of providing documentation that on or prior to a certain date, the 4-H’er has declared their intention to work with and show particular animal(s)
  • Helpful for entering fairs that use the Fair Entry system as the animal will already be enrolled in 4HOnline.

What IS required to show an animal in 4-H shows and 4-H classes at fairs in 2019?

  • Please see NH 4-H Animal Requirements and Deadlines for complete information.
  • Each show and fair may set their own requirements, which may include requirements not listed here.  Make sure to check with the show superintendent to ensure requirements are met.
  • In some cases, only an entry form and appropriate vaccination/health documentation is needed (generally true for horse, rabbit, cavy, poultry). 
  • For shows requiring that the 4-H’er has had the animal prior to a deadline the following are appropriate documentation:
    • Registration papers (including recorded grade) solely in the 4-H members name (no farm name) OR
    • 4-H Intent to Show/4HOnline Animal Enrollment on/before the deadline AND (if applicable)
    • NH 4-H Animal Borrowing form if the animal is not owned solely by the 4-H member.