4-H Makers Expo 2019

A Chance all 4-Hers to Share What You Make
Two girls making soda bottle rockets

Calling all 4-Hers who love to make things.  The 4-H Makers Expo is looking for you.  This 4-H Event is a chance for you and your 4-H club to bring things you make and share with others.  Any 4-H Club or member can exhibit, demonstrate or teach others how to make anything.  Almost any 4-H Project has something to share at 4-H Makers Expo.  The list of what you can exhibit is endless.  You could:

  • Exhibit your paper airplane collection and teach how to make them
  • Show off your Team VEX or FIRST Robot
  • Display the quilts you have sewn this year
  • Teach others how to needle felt
  • Share your square foot garden plans and teach how to start seedlings
  • Display your 4-H club craft projects
  • Show what you have learned about circuits and demonstrate how they work
  • Share your favorite granola recipe and give out samples. Yum.
  • Share anything at all that you like to make

The 4-H Makers Expo is a celebration of making things and ALL 4-Hers are invited to come and share.  Or just come along to see what others are doing.  In addition to club exhibits, there will be a Mousetrap Car Challenge, Grilled Cheese Challenge, Purple Plow Agricultural Challenge, STEaMpunk Invention Challenge and our 4-H Fashion Review.  Make a day of it.  There will be food to purchase and information on other 4-H clubs and projects.  The Makers Expo is on April 13th in Meredith, to host an exhibit table you will need to pre-register, but anyone can come and enjoy.  Registration information can be found on the Makers Expo webpage.