About My Woods: An App to Take into the Forest

hand holding a smartphone taking a picture of a forest

About My Woods is a free app for woodland owners to use when learning about and managing their woods. It was developed with input from many local landowners and foresters. The About My Woods app is an excellent starting point to help you understand the resources your woods provide.

  • It helps you easily access maps with information on soils, watersheds, land cover, public and protected lands, and more.
  • It has lists of common wildflowers, shrubs and vines, wildlife, trees, and invasive plants and insects.
  • There are links to organizations and resources available to help you with your management goals.
  • Also, within the app are several informational videos that will help you learn more about caring for your woods. For some good advice on how to get started, watch the video Learning About My Woods.

You can download the About My Woods app in the iStore (Apple products) and Google Play Store (Android products).