Belknap County 4-H Pathway Opportunities

4-H Herbal Wellness at Prescott Farm

4-H Healthy Living Pathway:  Belknap County 4-H participants have the opportunity to learn about healthy living through a variety of dynamic, hands-on educational experiences.  The 4-H Healthy Living Pathway is designed to support learning for youth and volunteers with activities and resources promoting physical, social, and emotional well-being. 

2018 Healthy Living Touchstone Experiences:

  • February:  Leader Training on Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness in the youth group setting.
  • March:  Leader Training on bringing the Healthy Cooking:  Grilled Cheese Challenge to 4-H Clubs
  • March:  County Activities Day
  • Late April-June:  In partnership with Prescott Farms, Herbal Pathways.  Environmental Education around Herbal remedies & healthy foraging.
  • August:  Belknap County 4-H Fair
  • Sept – October:  4-H Herbal Wellness Program
  • November: 4-H Volunteer Leader's Conference
  • December:  4-H Sicence Bonaza