Business Class Responsive to Life's Curve Balls

Agricultural and Natural Resource Business Institute Provides New Option
ANRBI image

The best laid plans can easily be wrecked by a flat tire, wicked storm or sick kid. That is why Extension's popular Agricultural and Natural Resource Business Institute (ANRBI) has created a backup plan for participants who are striving to own a successful business while balancing the demands of modern life.

Beginning this year, participants in the nine-week course can attend class from anywhere using Zoom, an online video conferencing platform. The live classroom feed allows participants to see the instructor, ask questions and participate in class discussions. The option was developed because institute coordinators saw a real need to make the course accessible to more people.     

"In years past, many of our participants came from the counties nearest to where we were teachin,." reports Kelly McAdam, Extension field specialist with the Food & Agriculture team. "This year we have people from nine out of the 10 counties in the state." 

McAdam notes that most participants attend the class in person, but there are a few who are primarily online learners. She thinks that, without this option, the nine weekly class sessions would simply be too difficult for some to attend. 

The ANRBI helps farm and forestry entrepreneurs learn what it takes to be successful in New Hampshire. Participants learn about all aspects of running a farm business in the Granite State, including how to grow, raise, and market their products in New Hampshire, project the profitability of their business idea, and find the agriculture service providers in the state that can help them. ANRBI also helps loan applicants fulfill the borrower training required by Farm Service Agency. 

Enrollment is closed for this year's session, but interested entrepreneurs should sign up for the Agricultural Business Management News to get news on 2018 enrollment before anyone else.