Caring for Your Forest Webinar Series

Workshops for Landowners
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Interested in taking better care of your woodlot? Sharpening your forestry skills? Improving your woodlot for wildlife? These online workshops are a great place to start. Contact your county forester to learn more!

Presenters include Extension Forestry Field Specialists: Jim Frohn, Michael Gagnon, Rebecca DiGirolomo, Greg Jordan. Extension Forest Industry State Specialist, Andy Fast. Extension State Wildlife Specialist, Matt Tarr. NH Timberland Owners Association member and property owner Roscoe Blaisdell and National Wild Turkey Federation Biologist Matt DiBona.

Workshops are co-sponsored by NH Timberland Owners Association and the NH Division of Forests and Lands

Previous Workshops:

Woodlot Management Planning

Grafton County Extension Forester Jim Frohn discusses the basics of woodlot management planning. He talks about identifying and matching goals with the land's resources and potential, the importance of written management plans, and current use designation. Cost sharing opportunities are also discussed.


Tree Identification

Learn to identify trees using a variety of characteristics. County Extension Foresters Rebecca DiGirolomo and Michael Gagnon share their tips for using bark, buds, twigs, and leaves as clues to help in tree identification.


Upcoming Workshops:

Woodlot Valuation & Economics - April 14th, 7 PM to 8 PM

Wildlife Habitat (Part 1) Assessment & Planning - April 21st, 7 PM to 8 PM

Wildlife Habitat (Part 2) Tree Nuts for Turkeys & Other Wildlife - April 24th 9 AM - 12 PM

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