Double Up Bucks: Affordable Produce All Year Round

SNAP Incentives for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

There’s a new incentive in town – Double Up Bucks and it’s adding fresh fruits and vegetables to the grocery carts of New Hampshire’s food insecure.  Double Up Bucks matches the value of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP dollars spent on fresh fruits and vegetables, helping low-income families bring home healthier food.  Participating sites also commit to tracking and growing local produce sourcing each year, ensuring this program benefits area farmers.

UNH Cooperative Extension is partnering with NH Food Bank to conduct store tours through its Cooking Matters program as well as other outreach efforts to raise awareness among SNAP recipients.  Recently, Extension Field Specialist Heidi Barker facilitated a shopping tour at Berlin Marketplace with several participants new to the Double Up Bucks program.  Equipped with skills to select healthier food choices and shop on a budget, these shoppers plan to share the news with others and add Double Up Bucks to their shopping list.

Double Up Bucks allows customers to get 50 percent off any fresh produce purchased with SNAP benefits, up to $10 day.  The program is supported by a coalition of New Hampshire funders working with Fair Food Network.  The list of participating stores and more information on the program can be found at