The Legislative Changes to MPP-Dairy for 2018

A briefing paper released this month entitled Changes to the Margin Protection Program for Dairy Producers published by Dairy Markets & Policy highlights legislative changes that can help New Hampshire dairy producers. The major changes of the MPP-Dairy include:

1) milk production for Tier 1 has been raised from 4 million pounds of milk covered to 5 million pounds;

2) the premium rates for Tier 1 have been substantially lowered (40-70%), rendering $7 margin coverage more attractive;

3) payment has been changed to be based on monthly margins rather than two-month averages as in previous years.

Producers still have to pay the $100 administrative fee, however, beginning, limited resource, disadvantaged, or military veterans are waived of this fee.

Based on this briefing paper, it would seem that enrollment would be possible between February and April. Contact your local FSA office for implementation rules.