A little 4-H Secret on how to get money

A little secret about Rockingham County 4-H Scholarships

Pssst…..can I share a little secret with all you Rockingham County 4-H members and Alumni? Did you know that the Rockingham County 4-H Foundation gives away money every year? Yup, it’s true: they give away money to 4-H members and Alumni who have been active in Rockingham County New Hampshire! They give money to help you go to 4-H Camps, Teen Conference, College and Vocational Schools. 

So the secret to getting the money is to submit an application to the Foundation by June 1, 2018. They will not accept an application later than that date. If you go to this link, you will find all the applications on how to apply. If you have questions about the process, we can help you at the 4-H office at joseph.drake@unh.edu or 603-679-5616.

So share it with your 4-H friends and alumni make sure this is no longer a secret.

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