NH Coverts Project Seeks Volunteers for New Hampshire’s Wildlife and Forests

Applications open for volunteer training workshop on May 15-18
Coverts volunteers walk through wildlife habitat.

The NH Coverts Project is accepting applications from new volunteers interested in taking part in the 2019 NH Coverts Project volunteer training workshop on May 15-18 at the Barbara C. Harris Conference Center in Greenfield.

Started in 1995, the NH. Coverts Project has trained over 500 volunteers in promoting wildlife conservation and forest stewardship throughout the state. Each year, 25 conservation-minded residents gather with a team of natural resource professionals for a four-day workshop, where they learn about wildlife and forest ecology, habitat management, land conservation and effective outreach. There is a $50 registration fee; however, program sponsors fund all lodging, food and other expenses. In exchange for the training, participants commit to volunteer for at least 40 hours during the coming year and motivate others to become stewards of the state's wildlife and forest resources.

A covert (pronounced “cover” with a “t”) is a thicket that provides shelter for wildlife. The term symbolizes the project’s goal of enhancing, restoring and conserving habitat for native wildlife in New Hampshire. Once trained through the Coverts Program, participants become members of a knowledgeable statewide network connected through newsletters, field trips, and workshops.

“The Coverts training gave me the background and tools I needed to feel prepared when developing my timber management plan with my forester,” says Barry Tiedt of Hillsborough County. “We were able to take advantage of resources to enhance the management plan with a focus on developing wildlife habitat.”

Coverts volunteers give their time in a variety of ways. Some lead field walks or organize volunteer work days, while others serve on town boards or manage their own property for wildlife habitat. Volunteers come from many backgrounds and professions, but are unified by their desire to help New Hampshire’s wildlife and forests.

The NH Coverts Project is sponsored by UNH Cooperative Extension and New Hampshire Fish & Game. The program also receives support from the New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands.

To apply for this year’s NH Coverts Project training, download and complete the 2019 NH Coverts Project Application at nhcoverts.org.

Download the Application

The deadline for receiving applications is March 1, 2019. For more information, visit the project website at nhcoverts.org or contact project coordinator Haley Andreozzi at haley.andreozzi@unh.edu or 603-862-5327.