Professional Development with STEM Docents

Training in hands-on, inquiry-style STEM modules
workshop participants

If you are a teacher or education professional, you can become trained to integrate engaging STEM modules in your classroom and join a statewide network of STEM Docents. All STEM Docent trainings focus on specific curricular modules and instructional strategies for educators to successfully teach learners in out-of-school-time programs and classrooms. Trainings are highly interactive and provide an opportunity for participants to not only experience the curriculum as learners but to also prepare for effectively teaching the modules to youth. Persons participating in a STEM Docent training become members of the STEM Docent community. This community is composed of volunteers and professional educators who have the shared mission of engaging and educating youth in STEM.


  • You will receive copies of NGSS-aligned STEM modules as well as confidence in the content and inquiry teaching methods.
  • You have the option to receive documented Professional Development Hours
  • You will have the support of UNH Cooperative Extension staff when you introduce your learners to the modules.
  • You will join a statewide network of STEM Docents and have access to ongoing education around STEM topics via the STEM Docent bi-monthly workshops.


There is a cost associated with taking the STEM Docent training for PD. Cost is variable depending on the training length. Scholarships may be available. Contact Megan.Glenn@UNH.EDU for scholarship information.