Say Yes to Health at Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are all over New Hampshire. It is a great time to try some locally grown foods from local farmers!

Why Shop at Farmers Markets?

  • Most produce at Farmers Markets is locally grown. Local produce travels a short distance, so it is usually picked at peak ripeness, giving the produce more flavor and more nutrients.
  • Farmers Markets may carry fruit and vegetable varieties typically not available in grocery stores.
  • Farmers Markets are also a place for community gathering and may offer entertainment. They are great for families to interact and neighbors to meet. 

Tips for Shopping at Farmers Markets

  • Markets are usually outdoors, so wear comfortable clothing, shoes and sunscreen.
  • Bring cloth or plastic bags with you.  Some vendors may not have bags.
  • Make a list but be flexible – while at the market, check out all vendors’ booths before making final choices; you may find similar foods at different prices.
  • Cash is always accepted, but many Farmers Markets also accept Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards for SNAP benefits.  Many NH markets are also participating in the Granite State Market Match offering double SNAP dollars for fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  • Before doing any shopping, find out how to use your EBT card at the market. Look for the information booth or the market manager’s office for information on using your EBT card.
  • Ask the farmer/vendor questions – they know their stuff and can give great advice on how to cook and store the food they grow and sell!
  • Go home soon after shopping at the market and put perishable foods in the refrigerator to keep food safe to eat.   Remember; keep hot foods hot, cold foods cold!
  • Visit the market often. Fruits and vegetables have different growing seasons. When they are in season, the price is often lower.

You SNAP. We Match!

You can use your SNAP EBT card at many farmers markets in New Hampshire. You can also participate in other programs at farmers markets where you can get additional funds to purchase more fruits and vegetables. One program is called Granite State Market Match.  This fruit and vegetable incentive program is sponsored by NH Food Bank collaborating with community partners throughout the state.  For participating farmers' markets check out the web site link below with the NH State icon.  Other markets may have their own incentive program (Power of Produce, Fruit & Veggie RX) -- ask when you go to the market.

Here is a listing of all farmers markets in New Hampshire:

This market season plan to eat healthy, fresh, and local! Look for a participating market near you!