STEM-powered Family Fun Awaits at the 4-H Science Bonanza

Registration opens Sept. 20

Sick of watching Saturday morning cartoons?  Want to skip out on weekend errands and chores? Spend some time with your family finding electricity in lemons, making “goo” and having STEM-powered fun instead! The UNH STEM Discovery Lab hosts its second annual 4-H Science Bonanza on Saturday, Dec. 8 from 9 a.m. to 3: 30 p.m.  Though the event is geared primarily toward youth ages 5-13, adults and older kids are welcome to join the festivities.

This free event gives youth the chance to explore a wide variety of STEM topics in a fun, interactive atmosphere. Co-hosted by New Hampshire 4-H, the Science Bonanza offers three 80-minute workshops across four topic areas: Makers/engineering, plant and animal science, food and nutrition and ecology/environment. Participants will learn about 3D design tools like TinkerCad, how to take care of poultry, cooking with solar ovens and much more.

What can you and your family expect at the Science Bonanza? You and your kids can learn about how to imagine, design and build anything with the maker/engineering workshop. If plant and animals are more interesting to your kids, they’ll learn how plants grow, how to keep animals healthy, and the science behind agriculture and livestock. Food and nutrition workshops cover how to keep our bodies and minds healthy and using science to cook food, while ecology/environment sessions reveal how to observe and explore the natural world. Last year, participants made smoothies using a bicycle, test-drove robots, built amazing structures out of everyday materials and more—check out the photos here!

The Science Bonanza team envisions the day as a place where youth can experience a variety of STEM workshops that are exciting and different from what they might learn in a typical school day. It’s also a chance to learn more about getting involved in other STEM Discovery Lab programs.

Along with workshops, there will be demonstrations and information from each New Hampshire county 4-H program, including the STEM Discovery Lab’s 4-H STEM Club, as well as information about upcoming youth programs, FIRST Robotics teams, 4-H projects and more. Registration opens Sept. 20.   So mark your calendars and plan on taking a break from the December holiday rush for some STEM-powered family fun.

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