Strafford County 4-Hers Meet Their Local Legislators

Youth prepare their voices for the future

On Monday, April 9th 4-H youth members from Strafford, Rockingham, and Belknap Counties met at the Durham Public Library for a conversation with four their local legislators.  Legislators Peter Bixby, James Gray, Brandon Phinney and John Reagan engaged the youth members in dialogue about  their voices being heard by their local legislators.  Jim Gray and Brandon Phinney were especially helpful in outlining that for their constituents to be best represented, they need to be knowledgeable about the topic of the bill, and exactly what they agree or disagree with. 

Positive Civil Discourse has become a national conversation, especially when it comes to 4-H Youth Development.  Having an informed opinion and choosing the right venue to share those opinions are what allows us to have important conversations about change.  The legislators emphasized that youth are invited to share their story, and bear witness to other's stories, at the State House.  This right can impact a bill becoming law, and we all have the ability to take part in what impacts ourselves, our community and our world. 

The youth and legislators also honed in on some of the laws that have come forth, or are being brought forth, in the Senate and House.  For example, they were able to speak to why they believe that having drivers education in person encourages a hands-on approach to learning, which of course is a cornerstone of 4-H: Learn by doing!  The youth that attended the Meet Your Legislators events across the state had the opportunity to be heard now, and were invited to become active participants for their future.  

If you missed our Meet your Legislator event don't worry, you still have time to have lunch with Strafford County Representatives and Senators on Wednesday, April 25th at the State House.  Don't forget to register here: 

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