Downtowns & Trails

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Revitalizing Downtowns - One Trail at a Time

New Hampshire's natural resources are its greatest asset. Our New Hampshire economy grows when our forests, trails, waters, are well taken care of, used by residents and visitors and linked to our downtowns.


UNH Extension’s Downtowns & Trails program helps communities utilize the natural and built world
NH Extension Community and Economic Development staff are available to help communities understand areas of improvement through the Downtowns & Trails... Learn More
During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have taken advantage of spending time outside of the office and have looked towards the outdoors to find way... Learn More
Trailside Services connects trail users with local businesses and attractions
Trailside Services connects trail users with local businesses and attractions Learn More
Resource from the Field

NERCRD Best Practices in Bike/Pedestrian Trail Data and Monitoring

In 2020 colleagues at the University of Connecticut, University of New Hampshire, University of Vermont, and University of Minnesota partnered on a multi-state grant to share successes and learning from trail and non-motorized traffic monitoring initiatives, including the Connecticut Trail Census, the New Hampshire Trail Finder and the Minnesota Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Initiative led by Dr. Greg Lindsey, a nationally-recognized scholar in the area of active transportation and research.  The project will involve monthly meetings of team members with recorded webinar presentations, a face to face Bike/Pedestrian Data Colloquium, publication of colloquium proceedings, identification of research agenda items, implementation of three pilot data collection sites, and development of a collegial network. Learn More

Informational Sheet: Using Data and Engagement to Capitalize on Multi-Use Trails: Examples from New Hampshire

UNH Extension staff Shannon Rogers and Emma Tutein were authors on this piece that describes the Downtowns and Trails Program. The focus is to enhance opportunities for linking downtowns and “in-town trails,” those located within the vicinity of downtowns or business district.  Read Informational Sheet


Over the past two years, interrupted but not deterred by the ongoing pandemic, we worked adaptively and creatively with the Ossipee Economic Developme... Learn More
Over six months, from Sept. 2021-March 2022, we worked with the City of Keene on how to better connect two rail trails with their downtown businesses.... Learn More
We recently completed a pilot of our Downtowns & Trails program in Bristol, NH.  This final report summarizes the work we've done with the co... Learn More
In May 2018, the team traveled on a train-the-trainer trip to Kentucky’s Trail Towns program. During the trip, the group visited and assessed four dif... Learn More
Many communities in New Hampshire and beyond, have natural assets such as trails that can be leveraged for economic vibrancy. In this fact sheet, the ... Learn More