Crowdsource Mapping [workshop]

mobile and crowdsource mapping with survey123

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Workshop summary   Learn how to collect and map information from any phone or computer using a Esri's Crowdsource Story Map and Survey123! The Crowdsource Story Map provides a quick and easy way to gather photos and details about locations. Survey123 is a more powerful crowdsource mapping tool which allows you to not only collect photos, locations and text, but also can feature a more data-focused approach (numbers, pre-populated dropdown menus, etc). Both tools allow people to participate from any internet-connected device, including mobile phones. Data collection can be limited to certain individuals or can be expanded to anyone who has the survey link. Once data are collected, they can be mapped in a variety of ways using ArcGIS Online and Story Maps.

Participants will learn to   create a Crowdsource Story Map | create a Survey123 data collection form | use a mobile device and computer to collect and submit crowdsource data 

Software discussed   ArcGIS Online  |  Survey 123 for ArcGIS  |  Crowdsource Story Map

Cost   $59      Length   1:00pm to 4:00pm     Contact   email Shane Bradt or call 603-862-4277

Note   A paid ArcGIS Online subscription is required to use both the Crowdsource Story Map and Survey123. However, workshop participants do not need to have their own account to use during the workshop.

Note   Experience with ArcGIS Online is required to participate in this workshop. If you have not previously worked with ArcGIS Online, please take our Getting to Know ArcGIS Online workshop.

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Getting to Know ArcGIS Online workshop

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