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Our economic development work focuses on promoting solutions for New Hampshire's communities. The end goals are to strengthen local businesses, build local leadership and improve quality of life, all of which support a sustainable and resilient future for our state and citizens like you.

Business Engagement and Retention Program

Building the local economy by identifying and addressing the needs, challenges and opportunities of business.

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Economic Profiles

 Allows communities to identify local and regional economic assets and opportunities.

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Economic Development 101

Helps leaders prioritize the needs and implement effective strategies to strengthen a community’s economic base.

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Economic Development Academy

Provides practitioners and community leaders with the skills to retain and grow our NH economy.

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Resiliency Academy, a partnership between NH SBDC and UNH Cooperative Extension, begins May 25 with a virtual educational session, continues June 1 wi... Learn More
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We have been teaching about community economic resilience as a response to the disruption of the pandemic. This includes resources for small business ... Learn More


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An Introduction to Fiscal Impact Analysis Learn More