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Resiliency Academy for Small Business and Communities 

Offered in partnership with NH Small Business Development Center, Resiliency Academy brings together small businesses and community leaders to work towards a resilient future. The academy will focus on the intersection of small business and community resiliency and is designed for community leaders and volunteers, municipal officials, small businesses, economic development professionals and those interested in economic recovery. 

About the 2022 Academy

This is a three-session academy that includes an intro webinar, a SBDC-led small business resiliency plan virtual training and an in-person tour of NH communities highlighting small businesses and community leaders practicing the many aspects of resilience. The Academy is free and designed for businesses, community leaders and volunteers, economic development professionals, entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and anyone interested in small business and community resilience.

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Session 1 -  Introduction to Small Business and Community Resiliency Webinar

May 25, 2022, 9:00 am – 11:00 am - Introductory webinar, including keynote address with NH's own Tom Raffio, President & CEO, Northeast Delta Dental. Tom will talk about business resiliency and his newly published book “Prepare for Crisis: Plan to Thrive. The Inside Story of How One Company Did It Right”.

Keynote speaker:  Tom Raffio, President & CEO, Northeast Delta Dental 
In 2021, Tom co-authored the book, "Prepare for Crisis - Plan to Thrive: The Inside Story of How One Company Did It Right". The book is divided into three sections that tell how to build a strong foundation based on best management principles before a crisis, how to use that foundation to act wisely during a crisis, and how to renew the foundation with lessons learned emerging from a crisis.



Session 2 - Virtual Small Business Resiliency Plan Development

June 1, 2022, 9:00 am – 11:00 am - A live training led by SBDC Regional Directors to help businesses create or update their small business resiliency plan. We are using this national SBDC Small Business Resiliency Guidebook with NH businesses.



Session 3 - Walking Tours of NH Communities Practicing Resilience

June 7 in Littleton, June 14 in Keene, June 16 in Somersworth, 9:00 am - 11:00 am - Offered are 3 NH Community Walking Tours - June 7 in Littleton, June 14 in Keene, June 16 in Somersworth, 9:00-11:00 am. Register for the local community walking tour(s) you would like to attend to learn in-person how local leaders, volunteers and businesses are addressing resiliency in their community.





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Resource to Check Out

Information Brief: Communities and Small Business Working on Resilience

The pandemic has disrupted the economy, employment, and community vibrancy. Small towns and main streets have been especially hard hit by the impact the pandemic has had on small businesses. Communities and small businesses will benefit by working together for economic recovery and managing change. Businesses and local communities have responded by being innovative, flexible, and resilient. Resiliency planning is needed for both business and community to rebound and be prepared for future disruptions. Bringing business and community together allows for the exploration of mutual topics of interest. Communities will gain a better understanding of workforce needs and related quality of life characteristics such as recreation, childcare, transportation, and education. Community leaders can foster stronger relationships so businesses can adapt to changes in supply, finance, regulation, and workforce. Businesses will gain an understanding of the support that is available at the community level and interact directly with community leaders. A stronger local network can be created. Building resiliency in our businesses and communities together will result in a stronger economy, network of leaders and vibrant communities, resulting in a high quality of life.

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