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Managing and Enhancing Your Destination

New Hampshire’s iconic natural beauty, local culture and recreational offerings draw more than 10 million visitors annually. These strengths also have the power to revitalize communities, incentivize investment, and attract new residents and workforce talent. Extension is committed to supporting tourism development that sustains and improves the quality of life for residents and protects our cultural and natural resources.

Focus Areas

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  • Destination Development

  • Agritourism Development and Management

  • Recreation Economy

  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Workforce and Skills Development

What We Offer

Agritourism Development and Management

UNH Cooperative Extension offers a variety of resources to help farmers, business owners, and destination communities create safe, enjoyable, and memorable farm-based experiences for visitors.

Destination Development 

Destination development involves stakeholder identification and engagement; asset maps and inventories, brand and marketing planning; organizational development, regional collaboration strategies; long-term vision planning; visitor services and product development plan.

Downtowns and Trails

This program helps communities that are working on increasing vibrancy in their downtowns and on their main streets. The program seeks to help communities connecting their economic centers with natural assets, such as trails and waterways. 

First Impressions (and Tourism First Impressions)

First Impressions is an assessment program that examines a downtown through the eyes of potential residents, visitors and businesses, helping communities learn about opportunities and empowering them to take steps to improve their downtown. 

CED specialists are available to provide focused guidance on a variety of topics including:

Asset Inventories and Mapping  

Brand Development  

Grant Planning

Organizational Planning

Scenario Planning

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

Value Chain Analysis

CED specialists are available to undertake targeted research projects in your region, such as:

Destination Sustainability Assessments

Destination Risk Assessments

Economic Impact Assessments

Interviews and Focus Groups

Resident Attitudes Surveys

Recreational Use Studies

Visitor Readiness and Visitor Services Assessments

Visitor Surveys

Workforce Assessments


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