Become a STEM Docent

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Engage New Hampshire youth in STEM, inspire the future

A STEM Docent is a volunteer with a specialty in STEM education who seeks to enhance knowledge and engagement in STEM by New Hampshire youth.

There are many benefits to joining the STEM Docent program. Some of the highlights include:

  • Learn the relevant content & practices to become a specialist in STEM education for youth
  • Share what you have learned with youth by actively engaging them in STEM topics
  • Engage and educate learners in some of the most diverse youth populations in NH, including Manchester and Nashua, NH
  • Collaborate with other STEM Docents and K-12 educators in NH to deliver programs to school age youth
  • Join the STEM Docent Educator community and participate in ongoing learning opportunities
  • Connect with other opportunities at University of New Hampshire and Cooperative Extension

Who should apply?

We are looking for individuals who have a passion for working with youth. STEM Docents could be current or former educators, professionals in STEM related industries, 4-H leaders, and/or afterschool educators. 

Expectations and commitment
  • STEM Docents complete an initial multi-day Foundation training (~12 hours). Learn about establishing a positive learning environment and inquiry-based teaching.
  • Curriculum Module trainings (~ 8 – 20 hours). Learn specific modules and their instructional sequences in preparation for leading youth programs.
  • Program implementation (~20 hours). STEM Docents facilitate programming with youth at a STEM Docent partner classroom or out-of-school-time location.
  • Ongoing support and education (hours vary). In order to provide ongoing support and create a community of practice for Docents, we convene  volunteers periodically through events such as the STEM Connections Series and additional workshops.
  • Docents are asked to provide periodic feedback about their experiences to ensure that the STEM Docent Program makes continual improvements.

View the STEM Docent Volunteer Service Description

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Still have questions? Come to one of our virtual Information Sessions! 

If you have any questions, contact the  STEM Docent Coordinator at  or at 603-641-4391.