Partner with a 4-H STEM Docent

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Enhance your learners' STEM experiences; partner with a STEM Docent 


Benefits of Partnering with a STEM Docent 

  • Docents are specially trained in STEM content as well as in youth engagement and science teaching.
  • STEM modules are aligned with national recommendations, helping to easily integrate into both K-12 classroom and informal settings.
  • Program costs include coordination and support by the 4-H STEM Docent Program Manager, full instruction by a trained volunteer, and all the materials required to conduct the youth program.


A STEM Docent is a volunteer with a specialty in STEM education who seeks to enhance knowledge and engagement in STEM by New Hampshire youth.

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Quick Peek of Sample Modules

Stream Safari: Life Science, Earth and Space Science, & NGSS Science Practices

Encourages youth to explore local stream environments through examining the invertebrates inhabiting stream systems and how these creatures interact with other biotic and abiotic factors. 

Subject Area(s): Ecology

  • Watersheds
  • Water cycle
  • Adaptations
  • Food webs
  • Species interactions

Includes 8 instructional hours* and materials. *Three site visits to a stream is ideal, but not required.

students looking for insects in water

Target grades 3 - 8

Mousetrap Powered Cars
Track 1: Physical Science and Engineering Design

Introduces youth to the engineering design process while exploring materials and physics principles to build a working model car powered by a mousetrap.  It is suitable for out-of-school time learning as well as the classroom (grades 6-8) and is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Science and Engineering Practices.  In this track, youth are challenged to build a working car with a limited set of materials and directions.  Through exploring materials, trial and error and with coaching from a teacher/mentor youth experience the engineering design process of identifying a problem, designing solutions and testing and improving their design.

Subject Area(s): Physics, Engineering

  • Energy and Motion
  • Engineering Design Practices
  • Cause and Effect
  • Structure and Function

Includes 8 instructional hours and materials, plus optional participation in NH 4-H State-wide Makers Challenge.


Target grades 5 - 8

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If you have any questions, contact the  STEM Docent Coordinator at  or at 603-641-4391.