2021 Under the Vines Kiwiberry, Grape and Fig Field Day


DURHAM, NH 03824-4714
United States

Under the Vines is an opportunity for current and future commercial producers, value-added processors, nursery owners, and the public to visit the experiment station’s vineyards and farm, learn about current research and breeding activities, and share their knowledge, questions, and perspectives. 

Experiment station researcher Becky Sideman, extension professor of sustainable horticulture production, will discuss the station’s seedless table grape and fig research, which are intended to benefit regional growers interested in growing table grapes and figs for local markets. Attendees will tour the grape vineyard and fig plantings, learn about the latest research and information about both crops, and have an opportunity to ask questions. 

Plant breeder Iago Hale, associate professor of specialty crop improvement, will discuss the station’s kiwiberry research and breeding program. Attendees will tour the vineyard, learn about research and breeding updates, and have an opportunity to ask questions. The vineyard has fruit on vines and is nearing harvest. In 2013, Iago Hale established a kiwiberry research and breeding program at UNH. In the first research project of its kind, he aims to develop improved, economically viable kiwiberry varieties for small farms in the northeast.

The field day is free and open to the public; however, the focus is on research for commercial production. Preregistration for tours is required as capacity is limited due to COVID-19 protocols. For directions to the Woodman Horticultural Research Farm, visit: https://colsa.unh.edu/nhaes/directions/Woodman. Ample parking at the farm is free. 

Some important notes:

1. The event is limited to 50 people this year, so registration is required. Registration link here.

2.  You’ll get 60 mins of kiwiberries, 30 mins of grapes, and 30 mins of figs. What a deal!

3. We’re holding the Field Day earlier in the season this year so that you’ll have a chance to see fruit on the vines prior to harvest.

Please join us -- we look forward to seeing you on the 28th!

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