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Rt. 25
Rumney Bible Conference Center
Rumney, NH 03266
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Note: For 2021 all participants must adhere to COVID-19 guidelines and protocols.  For more information, please visit UNH 4-H COVID Protocols.


NH 4-H Ag Innovations is a way to celebrate all the making that happens in and with agriculture from the backyard garden to the 1,000-cow dairy farm!  NH 4-H Ag Innovations is a part of the NH 4-H Makers Expo and is designed to recognize the makers culture that is embedded in agriculture. Our lives are touched by agriculture every day from the food we eat to the clothing we wear and even the decorations we use to beautify a room.  All these products require taking materials from their raw form and making them into a finished product.  You can even see makers in action without leaving the farm.  For generations producers have been designing and building gadgets that help make their daily lives easier.  We often call it “tinkering” but some of this has led to advances in efficiency of production and changed the way we do things.  Makers is all around us!

What?  Make a natural product using raw agriculture materials from the farm, garden or woods. A few examples include a rhubarb leaf birdbath, a gourd birdhouse, beeswax candles, goats milk soap and strawberry jam.   Bring your product to the NH 4-H Makers Expo along with a display explaining how you made it (think science fair) and show off your work!

When?  The NH 4-H Ag Innovations Showcase will be at the NH 4-H Makers Expo: Saturday, October 16, 2021 at the Rumney Bible Camp (Rt 25., Rumney, NH)

Participation Guidelines:

  1. All participants must be current enrolled 4-H members.
  2. Participation is open to cloverbuds (5-7 years old) and 4-H members (8-18 years old).

Categories: Examples of items have been included for each category.  This is not an all-inclusive list. 

  1. Food & Drink: Includes baked goods, jams, jellies, cheese, maple syrup, beverages (apple cider, grape juice, milk, etc.)
  2. Gardening/Wildlife: Includes birdbath, birdhouse, bee house, scarecrow
  3. Home Décor: Includes beeswax candle, natural ink artwork, dried flower arrangement, wreath
  4. Bath & Beauty: Includes soap, lotion, perfume, scrubs, lip balm
  5. 2021 Ag Makers Challenge: Cardboard Tractor (Open to 8-18 year old’s only)

      Download complete event description and participation guidelines here.

      Pre-registration is required.  Registration closes October 4.


      Keep your eye out for this tractor symbol on 4-H workshop postings this summer. This symbol indicates that the workshop is an Ag Innovations project and can be displayed at 4-H Makers Expo.

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      Financial support provided by 4-H Foundation of New Hampshire

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