Pumpkin Chunkin


4-H Fairgrounds
174 Mile Hill Rd.
Belmont, NH 03220
United States

Belknap County 4-H Fall Festival

Youth, families, and school groups are invited to get creative! You are challenged to design and construct a working trebuchet that can launch a small pumpkin as far as possible. What’s a trebuchet? Trebuchets are ancient siege engines, much like catapults, which at one time were used to lay siege on medieval castles by hurling any matter of objects onto castle walls. Today, smaller trebuchet models are a fun way to explore engineering and design and launch smaller objects like baseballs and water balloons. Join us with your family, friends, school group, or 4-H Club and accept the Trebuchet Challenge by designing and building a trebuchet that can launch a pumpkin. You must register for this event. Then bring your trebuchet to the Trebuchet Challenge Event to see how your trebuchet measures up to the other competitors.

To register, call 603-527-5475 or email karen.deighan@unh.edu. For 4-H members, sign up through your 4honline account. Registration opens up on Oct. 1st and is required for planning purposes.

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