NH Stone Wall Mapper Training | Level 2 - Curating Mapped Walls


Online, via Zoom

The NH Stone Wall Mapper helps people throughout NH to add stone walls to a GIS database, thus allowing these historical features to be better understood and appreciated. However, once stone walls are added to the map to volunteers using the NH Stone Wall Mapper, how do we know the lines on the map represent actual stone walls on the ground?

This training focuses on the process of editing and confirming the stone walls added to the map by others. This process of data curation will ensure the map of stone walls is as accurate and useful as possible. 

Participants will learn the basics of GIS data maintenance, how to edit stone wall data submitted by others and tips and tricks for confirming stone walls on LiDAR images.

Check out our resource page to learn more.

Co-sponsored by: NH Geological Survey

Stonewall in the woods in the fall.
NH Stone Wall Mapper Training: Level 2 - Editing Mapped Walls
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