Power of Prevention workshops at the November Partnership Convening


Based on feedback from our partners, the October 4th Power of Prevention conference had been canceled and restructured. Instead of a full-day virtual conference, we will offer the planned workshops in an extended series over the next few months. The first session will be held on Friday, November 5th from 8:30 - 11:30 AM during the November Partnership Convening. The FrameWorks Institute will deliver the following presentations:

  1. Telling a New Prevention Story: Communicating about Adolescence, Development, and Opportunity – Efforts to prevent adolescent substance misuse often involve rich, exciting youth development activities, but the public doesn’t hear about them often enough. How can we tell more powerful stories about our work and what it means for communities, families, and youth themselves? Senior strategist Clara Gibbons will offer a guided tour of research from the FrameWorks Institute on how to tell a new story about prevention— one which changes the focus from avoiding negative outcomes to supporting healthy adolescent development.
  2. Storytelling Workshop: Putting Communications Strategies into Practice – This hands-on workshop is a deeper dive into FrameWorks’ strategies for communicating about adolescence, prevention, and positive youth development. Participants will have opportunities to put the recommendations into practice and receive feedback in this applied session.

Continuing education credits will be offered for this session.

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