Timber Stand Improvement with Brush Saws


Falkenham Family Forest
Approximately one mile down Flaherty Road
Lancaster, NH 03584
United States

Business Opportunity! If you are interested in working outdoors, making good money with minimal investment, then this workshop is for you. This kind of work is not logging, and no wood is removed from the forest. Small trees are cut simply to make way for more desirable trees to grow.

Here’s what you will learn:

• Why are we doing this?
• Who pays for forest thinning?
• How much can I make?
• Selecting a saw
• Techniques for efficient work
• Safety
• Maintenance of saw and blades
• Try out a saw for yourself!

Hardhats and Safety glasses required (we will have some if you let us know ahead). Ear protection recommended. Bring your own lunch and join discussion after the workshop.

Contact Hours and Credits: 3 - SAF: Two Category 1 and one Category 2

Registration and cost:

Email the Coos County Conservation District Manager at: da.cccd@gmail.com to register or call 603-503-9014 and leave a message.

Cost: $30.00 per person. Please bring cash to the day of the event or a check written out to the: “Coos County Conservation District”.

Co-sponsored by:  Coös County Conservation DistrictDirtTreesWildlife.orgDTM Small Engine RepairForestCover ForestryLongView ForestryNew England Forestry ConsultantsNH Timberland Owners AssociationUSDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

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