4-H Sunrise to Sunset Photo Scavenger Hunt, Cheshire County

Online Only


Whether you choose an old familiar trail or explore a new one, looking through a camera lens can help you see your surroundings with a different view.

From sunrise Saturday, January 15th to sunset Sunday January 16th, hit the trails and find as many photos on the scavenger hunt list as you can. Submitted photos will be uploaded to our Instagram page throughout the weekend to inspire others!

Three top photos will be chosen as the “Best in Show.” Winners will receive their photo printed and framed as well as some nifty 4-H swag.

Register for the event “Cheshire County 4-H Sunrise to Sunset Photo Scavenger Hunt” in 4-H Online by January 13th.   If you are not already registered as a 4-H member in 4-H Online, follow the registration link to set up an account and sign up as a participant.

* Details of the rules, how to submit photos, and the scavenger hunt list will be sent once you are registered.

Those participating in the Winter Hiking Challenge can use this activity to complete one of their hikes!

Please contact the Cheshire County 4-H Office at 352-4550 or Kim Bylancik at Kimberly.Bylancik@unh.edu with any questions.