Land Planning for Beginner Farmers: Evaluating What You Have [Webinar]


This webinar series is for land owners and tenants who would like to pursue commercial agriculture production on their property. A panel of Extension Specialists will give an overview of evaluating a site for various agriculture uses, including converting forested land to agriculture, and tools for evaluating the soil.


Evaluating Your Soil with Web Soil Survey and other tools, Olivia Saunders - Extension Fruit & Vegetable Field Specialist

Considerations when converting forest land to agriculture - Tim Fleury, Extension Forestry Field Specialist

Evaluating Your Property for Agriculture Production:

  • Considerations for Fruit & Vegetable Crops - Jeremy Delisle, Extension Fruit & Vegetable Field Specialist
  • Animal & Pasture considerations - Carl Majewski, Extension Livestock & Forage Crops Field Specialist
  • Season Extension Structures including Greenhouses and High Tunnels - Jonathan Ebba, Extension Landscape & Greenhouse Field Specialist

A link to the webinar will be emailed upon registration. This webinar will be recorded and published at the conclusion of the event.

This event is the first in a two-part series on Land Planning for Beginner Farmers.

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