Land Planning for Beginner Farmers: Planning for the Unexpected & Being a Good Neighbor [Webinar]


Before taking that first step to pursuing your agriculture dreams, there are many considerations to consider before planting that first crop. From complying with local ordinances to ensuring you are minimizing your risk from liability, planning an agriculture business can be a complex and overwhelming process. This webinar will involve a discussion with three panelist-experts on general considerations a landowner or land tenant should consider before pursuing an agriculture business to minimize risk on the property and avoid any potential conflict. Discussion points will focus on:

  • Working with (Not Against!) Your Town or City Zoning Ordinances,
  • Making Sure You and Others are Protected from Liability
  • Understanding Restrictions to Your Land-Easements and Lease Arrangements


Ted Fodero, The Meredith Insurance Agency

Amy Manzelli, Esq., BCM Environmental & Land Law

Theresa Walker, Durham Agriculture Commission

A link to the webinar will be emailed upon registration. This webinar will be recorded and published at the conclusion of the event.

This event is the second in a two-part series on Land Planning for Beginner Farmers.

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